Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama's Leninism

from American Thinker

Vladimir Lenin coined the term “Democratic Centralism” in order to describe what he considered to be Bolshevik “bipartisanship.” In his famous book What Is To Be Done? Lenin worried that left to themselves, the proletariat would never achieve the kind of “revolutionary consciousness” required to overthrow the capitalist system. Therefore a “vanguard” of socialist intellectuals like Lenin and Trotsky were needed in order to instill the proper “consciousness” into the mentally challenged masses.


Obama’s recent frustrations and impatience over the “Stimulus Bill” have less to do with his claims of “catastrophe” and “crisis” and much more, it seems to me, to do with his breathtaking inexperience in a true marketplace of ideas. And just where was Obama supposed to learn how to debate? In liberal academia? From his “adversarial” minions in the press? Community organizing?


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