Saturday, April 10, 2010

Will Oil & Natural Gas Prices Reconnect?

Not sure how I gravitated there but I conducted most of my simulated trading on crude oil using the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's Crude and Crude mini contracts.  More on this later, but I really hit it well in my system with crude (more on that larer.)

I had always heard that natural gas prices bore a natural correllation to oil prices as industries could just switch between the two and supply was tied between the two as they are often recovered from the earth in tandem.

But not recently ..... taking a closer look at nat gas on dull oil days ... gas would be rocking and rolling, with no correllation to the dollar either.

Wall Street pit looks at the issue.

(image from wallstreetpit)

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Guava said...

The stand you took here is worth a praise. I like your charts.

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