Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Better Than Peanut Butter and Jelly

Had a funny episode of synchronicity today when my brokerage firm ran an ad on my favorite radio show. Previously, these two things that I slavishly follow in a cult-like way had been separate, but now they are flowing into one.

Thinkorswim is a really great brokerage through whom I stepped into Investools (which is kinda backwards because Investools bought Thinkorswim and kinda expected its students to use the brokerage.) For me, Thinkorswim/Investools are not just vendors through which I purchase brokerage and education services, they are my way of life.

Tom O'Brien is this far-out cat from 1970s who does this wild version of technical analysis to analyze the markets. Check out his book in my Amazon banner. I'm going to order his book soon. Tom has some really great associates like Larry Pesavento who, in the middle of discussing Fibonacci ratios on international forex markets will jump into right astrology. He also has a book on Amazon (to be loaded in my banner at a later date.)

So, now Thinkorswim is a major advertiser on the TFNN. I'm addicted to both, and it would be funny if these two entities flowed together in even a minor way. I know already that if the they click, Tom O'Brien will really push them on his show because he does the same thing for www.carinsurance.com (which has the most annoying radio ads in the history of radio advertisement.)

It will be fun if those zany guys from Thinkorswim make some fun radio ads for Tom's show.

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