Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cosmological Confluence

A TFNN/thinkorswim confab represents for me a cosmological confluence of epic proportions. Tom O'Brien from Tiger Financial News Network and Tom Sosnoff, founder of thinkorswim, are having a webinar. See here for details.

These two firms sorta need each other. TFNN attracts quite an audience and I see the need for some education for some of the "Tigers." Some of the callers to Tom's show actually sound less experienced than me, and that's freaking inexperienced. On the flip side thinkorswim/Investools could stand to use some sort of media outlet.

I had a daydream today about a merger between these two entities. Tom O'Brien could continue his subscription newsletter the same way the folks at RedOption still sail their ship under the thinkorswim banner. thinkorswim/Investools could continue to pump out media like their Marketcast and/or their would be bloggers at Mytrade and add it to the amazing broadcasts streaming out of TFNN.

This education/investing/trading juggernaught could really give CNBC and Bloomberg a run for their money in the long run simply because all these folks are awesome. I see it as Technical Analysis for the Masses. Let CNBC have the monopoly on assclowns like ..... well you know who. Bloomberg is so stagnant it could suck the liveliness of a funeral.


nivram030405 said...

I see you've picked up the pace in posting. I'll take that as a challenge for mine, I am working on a system to trade the DIA one time a week using hourly candles, targeting a 1 time a week 15% profit. It won't take long to grow my trading account,....if it works.

Thomas Shawn said...

Ok, you've dared to actually, comment on my blog so I better really pick it up.

I laid down put spreads (bearish) on the DIA ... DIA needs to explode for me to get hurt.

I'm hoping to recover from my assinine maneuvers in May and June, so far so good.

nivram107 said...

I bought a DIA put Friday with some expectations that the DIA will do what it did around May 19. You can see a chart I used to come to this conclusion of my blog.

There was a short term uptrend, the trend line was broken and then after the first time it hit the trendline the DIA came tumbling down.

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