Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ratigan Out at Fast Money

From the NY Slimes

Dylan Ratigan, the longtime host of the CNBC program “Fast Money,” abruptly left the cable channel and the show on Friday, after a discussion with the network’s president, Mark Hoffman.

The move came after contract negotiations between CNBC and Mr. Ratigan ended with just a week left until the end of his current deal.

Asked why he would walk away from a successful program where he had built a reputation for fast and funny delivery of the day’s financial news, Mr. Ratigan said, “I had the benefit of my contract coming to an end. This is an opportunity to take a pause and evaluate all my options.”

I have to admit that enjoyed my months of watching that show but I also have to admit that it had a severe negative effect on my trading. Since I love trading more than that show I quit watching.

Wonder who will replace him? How about Michelle Cabruso Cabrerra?

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