Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back at It

If you observe the Twitter Feed you can see now MARKET CLUB blasted out a freebie over Twitter.  It caught my eye about an hour later and I decided to go along with the shorting of GBP/USD.

Looking at the Guppy system entry , this was not exactly an optimal entry as the price had popped but you don't see that bunching up of blue lines.  I drove home thinking ... "oh boy, here comes a loser".  But this pair just kept chugging down to 1.54 which is a key level of support and has been for days.

As I write this, its 6:28 pm,  I've already sold off 1/2 when she got down to support for 47.3 pips of profit.  The stop has been set to break even plus a few dollars to cover commissions.  There's a case to be made for this pound to go much lower and that sceario will be covered in the next post.

This trade is at that point where you really do not know what is going to happen.  The stop is inside the size range of the last bar .... in other words it's tight but I'm not losing a dollar on this trade.  This pair has made an awesome run and if I had caught that TWEET from MARKETCLUB then I woulda got more like 100 pips on the first have.

It's important to be all about managing risk, taking risk off the table.  This helps keep your mind clear.

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