Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ended that USD/CAD

I tried to twitter my exit from USD/CAD by exporting the trade to twitter via MYTRADE, the trading community embedded in the thinkorswim platform but I can see that that did not work.

I exited @ 6:33 am EST as it blew past the profit target #1.  The report came out at 8:30 am and it was pretty bearish on Canadian retail.  The pair blew past profit target #2 but then pulled way back.

It wasn't really an easy decision but I knew that those reports can do some crazy things.  In the end I got 43 pips on the first half and then 118.2 pips on the second half. Not bad considering that that I'm not doing this full time, staring at a screen.

If USD/CAD retraces a bit and MARKETCLUB trade triangles are telling to keep shorting then I'll re-enter with an eye on my trust 4hr GUPPY study.  That may happen tomorrow sometime.

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