Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good Rhetorical Point

Dealing with the emotional Stalinism over the past few weeks:

"Gasp, you support Obama, don't you? and want him to suceed?"

Rush Limbaugh flat out and basically said "No, I'm a conservative."

Mitt Romney puts a finer point on it.

It's still early in the administration of [editor's note] President Grand Mufti Obama. Like everyone who loves this country, I want him to adopt correct principles and then to succeed. He still has a chance to step in and insist on spending discipline among the members of his own party. It's his job to set priorities. I hope for America's sake that he knows that a Chief Executive can't vote "present." He can't let others run the show. He has to say yes to some things and no to a lot of others.

We need to stimulate the economy, not the government. A true stimulus package, one that respects the productivity and genius of the American people, could lift this country out of recession. And experience shows us what it should look like.

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