Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh, It is Coming

At a certain point, maybe it will be 9% unemployment, 10% or 12%. This whole idea of letting 20 million illegals and 2 million more import workers into the USA to "do the jobs that Americans won't do." Isn't going to go over so well.

Looks like the jig is up in the UK. Better clamp down on the illegals and optionals before something really nasty springs up like extremists suggesting that even legal immigration should be halted (bad news for your truly.)

In this week news, one of those stellar hi-techies from India in country on a H1B (work) visa(god knows, computer programmer are just impossible to find these days) almost blew up THE mortgager of the USA. It didn't say, a mortgager, I said THE mortgager. The one that US Government owns as surely as they own AmTrak and the USPS.

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