Friday, January 30, 2009

The Path to World Depression is Paved with Protectionism

Guess Who Is Leading Us There?

Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- [Grand Mufti Hussein] Obama’s administration will examine a “buy American” requirement in economic stimulus legislation that has raised concern among U.S. trading partners, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.

The administration “will review that particular provision,” Gibbs said today at his regular briefing. The president’s advisers understand “all of the concerns that have been heard, not only in this room, but in newspapers produced both up north and down south.”

He refused to say whether the administration supported or opposed keeping that part of the legislation intact. Nor did he say what the president would do if the provision remains once the bill clears the House and the Senate.

The issue may cloud Obama’s trip to Canada on Feb. 19, his first journey outside U.S. borders as president. Officials in Canada, the top U.S. trade partner, are criticizing a part of legislation that passed the U.S. House of Representatives Jan. 28 that requires the use of U.S.-made iron and steel in infrastructure projects.

“U.S. protectionism is about to make Canada’s recession a lot worse,” Ralph Goodale, house leader for the opposition Liberal Party, said today in Parliament.

But then again, maybe Canada shouldn't worry. Obama economic advisor Austan Goolsby confirmed to the Canadian consulate that all that protectionism talk was just a ruse to gin up votes.

Now lets talk about opening those Canadian markets (including that Canadian oil not tied to OPEC prices.)

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